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Side Panels

Side Panels are the most important part of the system. They are used for the external part of a unit and also the internal part to hold drawers, cases or shelves. We hold stock of the most popular heights & depths for most vehicle makes & models. 95% of the Side panels have 35mm Perforated Holes to allow hooks & clips to be used. Over 100 variations available in 35mm increments.

Front Flaps

Create a storage space around your wheel arch by using a Front Flap. Totally open at the back to allow bridging over wheel arches. Easy Use Single Handed operation. 5 Different Widths available from 507mm through to 1521mm.

Aluminium Shelves

Ali Shelves are the most popular and lightweight part of the system. Various Ribs & Folds create a shelf that will take up to 120kg evenly spread per shelf. 3 Dividers supplied with each high backed shelf. 15 Variations available in 5 widths & 3 Depths.

Aluminium Bin Racks

Each Plastic Bin sits in it’s own recess front, back & side to side. The shelves are designed to take upto 90kg per shelf. All Plastic Bins come with a front flap to utilise the full height of the bin. 9 Variations available in 5 widths & 2 depths.

Aluminium Drawers

Each drawer has a weight bearing capacity of over 60kg per drawer. 3 dividers are supplied as standard with each drawer. Using a unique pin locking mechanism, all of the drawers will sit flush in a unit. Simple single handed-operation makes the drawers easy to open and close. 3 Widths, 2 Depths & 4 Heights mean there are 24 different Drawer sizes available.

Service Cases

The service cases (or Screw Boxes) are produced from steel with a unique locking mechanism preventing accidental opening. Standard layout of compartments are included with each case. The cases sit on a tray that will slide out of the racking bearing upto 30kgs. Most popular case size are the single layer 440x330mm Cases however other cases available on request.

Sliding Case Clamp

Clamp any size Power Tool Cases together at the foot of your racking. Best suited for Offside Front Section. Starting at 760 width upto 1521mm width in either 360 or 460mm depth.


Lockable units that integrate within the side panels at virtually any stage. Internal Shelf supplied with 630, 840 & 1155mm height Lockers. Additional Shelves also available. 2 Keys Supplied.

Top Trays

Top Trays are an ideal way to finish your module and van racking. Supplied with 3 dividers as standard. 3 Depths & 5 Widths available.

Extendable Top Trays

Designed to take lengths of upto 3m, ideal for lengths of copper, conduit etc. Mount directly on top of the units, replacing the top trays. 2 Lengths & 3 Depths available.

Under Floor Drawers

Single handed operation, these will take upto 150kg per drawer when extended. Unique safety mechanism to prevent trapped fingers. 80% Extension. Available in either 760, 1014 or 1267mm length.

Work Bench Solutions

Slide Out Benches, Fold Down Benches with support Leg or Fold Down with Hydraulic Arm. These are all produced to the highest quality using laminated birch ply.


A vast range of popular accessories to utilise the sides of your racking is also available. Please see accessories section of the website for further details.


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